2018 Keynotes, Invited Addresses and Symposia

2018 Keynotes, Invited Addresses and Symposia

The Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis is pleased to announce the following keynote presentations and speakers for this year's conference in Las Vegas.











Keynote Sessions (alpha order):

  • Gary Elkins, PhD, ABPP, ABPH -- Hypnotic Relaxation Therapy: Research and the Future of Integrative Medicine
  • Roxanne Erickson Klein, PhD -- It’s About Time! Erickson & Hypnosis: Past, Present, and Future
  • Elvira Lang, MD, FSIR, FSCEH -- Hypnosis in the Age of Value-Based Medicine
  • David Patterson, PhD, ABPH -- Hypnosis, Zen and Suffering
  • Michael Yapko, PhD -- Mood and Medicine: Depression's Stranglehold on Healthcare

 Invited Addresses:

  • Russell T. Hurlburt, PhD -- Exploring Inner Experience in the Natural Environment

    Vince Polito, PhD
    -- Cognitive and Physiological Markers of Altered Agency in Hypnosis


  • From Training to Practicing Hypnosis in Integrative Medicine: An Empirical Case Study with Lindsey C. McKernan. PhD; David Patterson, PhD; Landrew S. Sevel, PhD; Danielle M. Dorn, PhD; Alexandra Chadderdon, PhD, and Shelby Reyes, PhD.
  • Assessing Hypnotizability in a Clinical Setting with Gary Elkins, PhD, Elvira Lang, MD, and John Alexander, PhD.
  • Hypnosis and Memory with Michael Yapko PhD; Arreed Barabasz, PhD; Janna Henning, JD, PsyD; Richard Kluft, MD, and Shelagh Freedman, MA.
  • What Can We Learn from Stage Hypnosis?  with Shelagh Freedman, MA and Invited Guests: Michael DeSchalit; Catherine Hickland; Richard Nongard and Marc Savard


The 2018 Annual Meeting will celebrate the place of "Hypnosis in Integrated/Integrative Healthcare" and highlight the expanded integration of hypnosis into medical and mental healthcare settings. In addition, the meeting will showcase the collaboration between hypnosis practitioners and the complementary healthcare practitioners. The meeting will also include scientific presentations on the "Evidence Base of Clinical Hypnosis."

By tradition, SCEH offers introductory, skills building/intermediate and advanced level workshops.  Workshops are scientifically-based and of the highest teaching quality.  Most workshops include demonstrations and/or practica or other experiential components and are led by leaders in the field.

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