Certification in Clinical Hypnosis (CCH)

The Executive Council of SCEH recently voted to approve a  new and updated Certification Program, the Certification in Clinical Hypnosis (CCH) which will replace our former program.

You can find a summary of the new certification here

We will roll out our new certification program soon.  Watch this space for more details.







The Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis has initiated a certification program to recognize committed practitioners and scientists who are members of the Society and who are willing to commit themselves to an individualized program designed to improve their own knowledge and skill in hypnosis and to help expand the field and teach their colleagues.

The program is called SCEH-ACE, SCEH’s Active Commitment to Excellence in Hypnosis.

Requirements for Active Commitment to Excellence (SCEH ACE)


  • Fellow of SCEH

  • Current member of SCEH Executive Committee

  • Former Member of SCEH Executive Committee

  • Certified by one the American Boards of Hypnosis


1a. Successful completion of one Basic, one Intermediate and three Advanced Hypnosis workshops as offered at the annual SCEH national meetings, Canadian Federation of Hypnosis, ASCH or other venues approved by SCEH. Of the Advanced Workshops at least one must have been offered through SCEH. The total training must consist of a minimum of 40 total hours of training.
1b. An earned degree as MD, DO, DDS, DMD, MB ChB, PhD, EdD, PsyD, MSW, DSW, an NP or PA or a similar degree acceptable to the Executive Committee or the Board of SCEH from a regionally- or nationally-accredited university or Training Institution, or status as a registered and licensed practitioner in healthcare such as RN, RTR, registered medical technologist or technician. All applicants shall be licensed in the state or province where they practice.
1c. A minimum of two (2) years of experience using hypnosis beyond a Basic Course or equivalent (to be described on the letter of application). Requirements 1-3 are considered fulfilled if the applicant is a Fellow of SCEH (FSCEH), is currently or was an officer of SCEH, or if the applicant has been certified by one of the Boards of Medical Hypnosis in Medicine, Dentistry, Psychology, or Social Work.


2. Applicants shall submit with their application form a letter of application for SCEH-ACE recognition that will include a written plan for one of the following three pathways:

c. on-going education in hypnosis,

b. research in hypnosis, or

c. practice improvement in the hypnosis elements of their practice.

3. ACE certification shall run in a four-year cycle. Applicants shall submit a one page written plan for the next four years and statement of commitment to follow such a plan. When their SCEH-ACE status is to be renewed, applicants will submit a one page statement as to how this commitment was achieved and their plan for the next four years. To maintain SCEH-ACE status member must attend at least one SCEH national meeting in any four-year period. 

4. Applicants meeting certification criteria will be awarded certification at the SCEH annual banquet. The names of successful applicants shall be published in IJCEH and in the SCEH newsletter and their memberships records shall be viewable in the SCEH directory as SCEH-ACE certified

5. Application/ Certification fee (not refundable) is $150.00. There will be a $75.00 certification renewal fee every four years.

6. SCEH Certification for Active Commitment to Excellence in Hypnosis shall expire should a certificate holder fail to renew SCEH membership within three (3) months of the annual call for dues.

7. Trainee commitment status is encouraged by SCEH for those trainees wishing to use hypnosis in their traineeships:

a. Trainee applicants will be from APA- or ACGME-accredited programs who show evidence (letter from advisor, program director or graduate school) of successful completion of Preliminary Examinations or enrollment in their PGY-1 year,

b. submit an application fee of $50.00,

c. have demonstrated serious interest in hypnosis by publication of substantive work and/or presentation at a SCEH Annual meeting,

d. Certification will expire if the doctoral degree or postgraduate training is not completed successfully within five (5) years; it will become permanent, as per the above provisions, upon completion of the graduate degree, residency, or fellowship.