Call for Papers - 2023 Conference

Call for Papers has concluded. 

* Note: Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and the scholarships will be closed if we exceed our quota before the deadline. Approved scholarship recipients will be notified and sent details on how to register for the Annual Conference.  See Student Scholarships section below for information on how to apply.


74th Annual Workshops and Scientific Program

Unlocking the Power of Mind: Advances in the Science of Hypnosis

October 4-8, 2023         Live, online           #SCEH2023

The conference includes Introductory, Intermediate/Skills and Advanced Clinical Hypnosis Workshops plus a Scientific Program.  Workshops meet accepted Standards of Training in Clinical Hypnosis and count toward SCEH Hypnosis Certification Programs.

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Our 2023 conference theme,
Unlocking the Power of Mind: Advances in the Science of Hypnosis, reflects the Society’s continued emphasis on advancing both research and practice. The theme considers the wide range of research questions that arise from studying hypnosis as a route to broadening our fundamental understanding of hypnosis and its practical applications.

Presentations on emerging science, clinical hypnosis techniques/therapeutic uses and their benefits, experiencing consciousness, beliefs and suggestion are some of the few examples captured in this year’s conference theme. We are excited to bring individuals together to expand learning and share knowledge about hypnosis and the brain-body connection, as well as further reinforce how and why integrating the use of hypnosis clinically enhances treatment outcomes. We invite workshop proposals supported by research findings, and scientific program submissions ranging from basic research findings to outcome data broadly relevant to hypnosis.


Providing a Welcoming Environment 

Call for Advanced Workshops

Call for Scientific Presentations and Posters

Delivering Your Presentation

Registration & Presenter Fees

Student Scholarships


The Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis invites proposals for Advanced Workshops, Scientific Research Presentations, Symposia and Posters.  Please review this page in its entirety before submitting a proposal.  Thank you.

Providing a Welcoming Environment

All Presenters are asked to familiarize themselves with the following SCEH Policies.

Creating Your Proposal

We suggest using Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari browsers for completing forms on our website. Please note that most submission problems can be addressed by clearing your browser's cache.

Please create and save the content of your proposal in a simple text format, and cut and paste it into the form. This will save you time should you lose your Internet connection while working on your submission or should your submission fail for some reason. Due to formatting limitations, SCEH forms are restricted to plain text, and therefore will not accept bold, italics, or other special formatting. Please create your proposal with this in mind.

To submit a proposal, click on the buttons below to access the appropriate online form.

Receiving Submission Notifications Via Email

Once the Advanced Workshops & Scientific Program Co-Chairs have reviewed submissions, we will notify you via email if your session has been accepted into our Conference.  We anticipate emailing acceptance notices to Presenters in early May. 

We expect all Presenters to reply to acceptance notifications promptly (within two weeks) so that we can confirm your agreement to present at the date and time specified. 


  • To ensure that you receive notices from the Society, please take a moment now to whitelist our email addresses
  • We ask all Presenters to reply to notices of acceptance within two weeks to assist in our planning process.  Thank you.

Delivering Your Presentation: What You Will Need

Presenters should be aware that as a small organization, SCEH is not able to provide full A/V support. As a Presenter, we ask that you 1) become familiar with Zoom; 2) practice your presentation in advance to ensure it keeps within your scheduled time, and 3) if using video, arrange to play it directly from your computer, not try to stream it from the Internet (which can significantly reduce audio and visual quality). If using graphics or video, you must also stipulate you have secured all the necessary rights to use the content. Thank you.

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Call for Advanced Workshops

The Advanced Workshops take place Wednesday through Friday, and are offered in one, two, three and four-hour formats.

We invite workshops that address our conference theme and/or cover major themes in hypnosis. SCEH workshops are scientifically-based and of the highest teaching quality. Please be sure to include demonstrations and practice sessions in your proposal wherever possible. Our attendees frequently ask for more hands practice opportunities and we consider experiential components an important part of our workshops.

Pre-submission Inquiries

Pre-submission inquiries can be sent to the Overall Conference Chairs or you may email us at [email protected].

The Call for Advanced Workshops is closed.


Note on Introductory and Intermediate/Skills Workshops

The curriculum for these workshops is established by the Conference Committee and Workshop Co-chairs, governed by the Standards of Training and SCEH Certification requirements. Both include 12.5 hours of training and continuing education (CE) credit, and are conducted over three days (Wednesday - Friday).  If you are interested in volunteering to teach a topic or serve as a group practice supervisor for either, please contact us.  Note that all conference attendees and presenters are required to register for the conference.


Call for Scientific Presentations and Posters

The Scientific Program will take place on Saturday and Sunday.

We invite researchers and clinicians to submit proposals addressing empirical issues in the science of hypnosis and related topics which address our conference theme or related areas which broaden our understanding of hypnosis. Aside from empirical work, we also invite the submission of abstracts of rigorously conducted case studies, case series and critical reviews.

The Scientific Program features research presentations, symposia, panels and posters focused on empirical issues in hypnosis research, practice and related areas. The SCEH Scientific Program supports an atmosphere conducive to constructive criticism and debate.

  • Symposia and Panels bring together top-notch researchers and clinicians as they critically discuss empirical findings pertaining to a specific theme of relevance to the hypnosis community. Many of these sessions integrate theory, research and clinical practice to highlight issues that improve our understanding of hypnosis.

  • Paper Presentations shine the light on novel empirically-based findings, including: experimental studies; case reports; clinical trials; meta-analyses and systematic reviews.

  • Posters provide another glimpse into the latest research in the field.  See more information on posters below.

Presentation Formats

  • Symposia and Panels: Each symposium will be allotted 60-90 minutes. The number of available slots for Symposia and Panels is limited.

  • Research Paper Presentations: Paper presenters will receive 20 minutes, 15 for presenting and 5 for questions from the audience. Theoretical arguments or models will not be accepted as paper presentations. Papers presenting novel and innovative results will be prioritized.

  • Poster Presentations: Each poster presenter will be designated 10 minutes, 5 of which will be allocated to presenting. The remaining 5 minutes will be reserved for questions from the audience. Posters presenting novel results and experimental designs will receive priority acceptance. Theoretical arguments or models may be accepted as poster presentations. Presenters have the option to use a brief PowerPoint while presenting but must include a poster to be provided to participants. Posters should be uploaded as a PDF file format. 

Abstracts will be judged by the quality of research as well as clarity and transparency. Please make sure that your abstracts uphold the highest level of reporting of scientific findings. Abstract format should follow APA 7 formatting guidelines (

Pre-submission Inquiries

Pre-submission inquiries can be sent to the Scientific Program Chairs or you can email us at [email protected].

The Call for Research Presentations has closed. 


Poster Submissions

We invite researchers and clinicians to submit posters addressing our conference theme and/or exploring empirical issues in the science of hypnosis and related topics. Presenting a poster at the SCEH Scientific Program is an excellent opportunity to present either fully completed research studies, clinical case studies and pilot studies as well as preliminary research. The submission should clearly specify that the submission is a Poster.

The SCEH Annual Conference provides a unique venue for presenting and integrating rigorous data-based findings in an atmosphere conducive to constructive criticism and debate. Poster presentations allow authors to concisely present a case report or data that can be easily grasped in this format. Poster presentations often permit more discussion between presenters and attendees and may be especially advantageous for students, clinicians, and new investigators. At the Poster Session, poster presenters gain valuable feedback from leading clinicians and researchers in the hypnosis field, both in group and one on one discussions.  Poster presenters gain experience in the poster format and have an opportunity to expand professional relationships.

Posters will be accepted on a rolling basis until spots filled or August 1, 2023, whichever is earlier.

Poster Inquiries

Pre-submission inquiries can be sent to the Scientific Program Chairs or you can email us at [email protected].

Click on the button below to submit your poster proposal (same form as to submit a Scientific Proposal).      

 button Submit a Poster

Registration and Presenter Fees

All Presenters must register and pay for the conference within two weeks of being notified that their proposals have been accepted.  Special Student Member Incentives below.

Annual Conference Presenters qualify for discounted registration to the Annual Conference. SCEH offers both CE (for psychology and related fields) and CME (for physicians), included in the registration price. Due to the increased cost of offering CME, there is a registration price differential for physicians. For 2023, Annual Conference Presenter registration rates as as follows: for CE, $99 members; $149 non-members; for CME, $199 members, $249 non-members. (These are early bird rate; note deadlines apply.)

We view the presentation of workshops and papers at SCEH as both a service and an honor. All presenters must pay the registration fee even if they attend no workshops other than their own. Registration fees allow presenters to take additional workshops, attend the Scientific Program and receive continuing education credits in accordance with their professional board. Registration fees also help the Society to cover necessary conference expenses.

IMPORTANT:  We expect all Presenters to register and pay for the conference within two weeks of being notified, and before our conference brochure is published and distributed. 

Student Presenters and Student Poster Authors

Students who present a Research Presentation or have a Poster accepted for the Scientific Program will have their registration fees waived. 

SCEH Student Discounts & Scholarships

SCEH will offer the following programs for 2023:

  • Special Discounted Registration for Students Who Present a Research Presentation or Are Approved for the Poster Session:  Students who are approved to give a Research Presentation or co-present a Workshop are given a 100% scholarship and attend for free. Students who are approved for the Poster Session are given a 100% scholarship and attend for free. Once approved, students who qualify in these categories will be sent special instructions on how to register for the conference. 
  • Special Student Scholarships Available for Qualified Students and Trainees*
    To build the next generation of clinicians and leaders in the field of hypnosis, Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (SCEH) is offering an expanded program of Student/Trainee Scholarships to attend our Annual Conference. Scholarship recipients will be able to attend the event for only $15 (a value of up to $130 - $330, depending on their professional status and conference selections).  
    To be eligible, applicants must be either be:
    • A student member of SCEH or a student eligible for SCEH membership*


    • A Student/Trainee pursuing a program of study leading to a degree that makes the recipient eligible for licensure as a health care professional providing direct patient or client care (e.g., medical school, dental school, graduate study in psychology, social work, nursing); or, having earned the degree, is enrolled in an internship or residency required for licensure, or is a trainee in a postdoctoral fellowship program.

*Before applying, please review SCEH member eligibility requirements.

Note: Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and the scholarships will be closed if we exceed our quota before the deadline. Approved scholarship recipients will be notified and sent details on how to register for the Annual Conference.

1)   Provide a letter from your institution or university, attesting that you are a current student /trainee, in good standing, in an approved mental health or health care related discipline (as outlined above). This letter should come from your Academic Advisor/ Research Advisor or a Primary Instructor.  Email it to [email protected] using the subject line "Student Trainee Documentation" and your name.
2) Click on the button below to apply. If you are not approved for the scholarship, the $15 fee will be returned to you.  Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.
Click on the button below to apply. 
button Apply for a Student Scholarship

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74th Annual Workshops and Scientific Program

Unlocking the Power of Mind: Advances in the Science of Hypnosis

October 4-8, 2023         Live, online           #SCEH2023

Event registration opens summer 2023.