Call for Papers - 2020 Conference

UPDATE:  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 Annual Conference will be held online. 

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SCEH invites your submissions for our 2020 Annual Conference.  Please share your knowledge and expertise to help advance the field of hypnosis.

Our conference theme for 2020, Hypnosis to Enhance and Augment Treatment Outcomes, puts a focus on patient and client results and the power of hypnosis to positively impact patient care.

The Annual Conference includes workshops, keynotes and symposia that further this theme, as well as scientific presentations extending the scope of hypnosis in both medical and psychological practice.
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Please review this page in its entirety before submitting a proposal.  Thank you.






Creating a Welcoming Environment

A Proposal

Advanced Workshops 

Scientific Presentations & Posters

Submitting a Poster

Registration & Presenter Fees

Student Scholarships    



Creating a Welcoming Environment

Statement of Confidentiality for Attendees and Presenters

SCEH leadership has created a guiding document for attendees and presenters relative to any clinical material discussed at the meeting.   All Presenters and Attendees should review the SCEH Confidentiality Statement for Attendees and Presenters. All attendees and presenters are required to sign the statement in order to participate in the conference.  This is done when presenters complete the Call for Papers submission form and when attendees complete the online Conference Registration form. 

Preparing Your Proposal for Submission

We suggest using Firefox, Chrome or Safari browsers for completing forms on our website.  Other browsers are not supported by our system.

We suggest creating and saving the content of your proposal in a simple text format, then cutting and pasting it into the form. This will save you time should you lose your Internet connection while working on your submission, or should your form submission fail for some reason.  Please note that many form submission problems can be addressed by clearing your browser's cache.

Due to formatting limitations, SCEH Forms are restricted to plain text, and therefore will not accept bold, italics, or other special formatting. Please create your proposal with this in mind.

To submit a proposal, click on the buttons below to access the appropriate online form.

Call for Advanced Workshops

The Advanced Workshops take place Wednesday through Friday, and are offered in one, two, three and four-hour formats.

We invite workshops that address our conference theme and/or cover major themes in hypnosis. SCEH workshops are scientifically-based and of the highest teaching quality. Please be sure to include demonstrations and practice sessions in your proposal wherever possible. Our attendees frequently ask for more hands practice opportunities and we consider experiential components an important part of our workshops.

Pre-submission Inquiries

Pre-submission inquiries can be sent to the Advanced Workshop Chairs or you may email us at [email protected] 

Click on the button below to submit your proposal. 

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Call for Scientific Presentations and Posters

The Scientific Program will run throughout the conference with keynotes on Wednesday through Friday, and symposia, panels and presentations from Friday through Sunday.  A poster session is scheduled for Saturday evening in advance of our Annual Awards Banquet.

We invite researchers and clinicians to submit proposals addressing empirical issues in the science of hypnosis and related topics which address our conference theme and/or cover major themes in hypnosis and related areas, and which broaden our understanding of hypnosis. Aside from empirical work, we also invite the submission of abstracts of rigorously conducted case studies, case series and critical reviews.

Presentation Formats

The Scientific Program features Research Presentations, Symposia and Posters focused on empirical issues in hypnosis research and practice and related areas. The SCEH Scientific Program provides a unique venue for presenting and integrating rigorous data-based findings in an atmosphere conducive to constructive criticism and debate.

  • Research Presentations shine the light on novel empirically-based findings, including experimental studies, case reports, clinical trials, meta-analyses, and systematic reviews.
  • Symposia bring together today's leading researchers as they critically discuss empirical findings pertaining to a specific topic relevant to the hypnosis community. Many of these sessions integrate research and practice or draw upon research in psychology, psychiatry or neuroscience.
  • Posters provide another glimpse into the latest research in the field.  See more information on posters below.

Pre-submission Inquiries

Pre-submission inquiries can be sent to the Scientific Program Chairs or you mail email us at [email protected]

Click on the button below to submit your proposal.

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Poster Submissions

We invite researchers and clinicians to submit posters addressing our conference theme and/or exploring empirical issues in the science of hypnosis and related topics. Presenting a poster at the SCEH Scientific Program is an excellent opportunity to present either fully completed research studies, clinical case studies and pilot studies as well as preliminary research. The submission should clearly specify that the submission is a Poster.

The SCEH Annual Conference provides a unique venue for presenting and integrating rigorous data-based findings in an atmosphere conducive to constructive criticism and debate. Poster presentations allow authors to concisely present a case report or data that can be easily grasped in this format. Poster presentations often permit more discussion between presenters and attendees and may be especially advantageous for students, clinicians, and new investigators. At the Poster Session, poster presenters gain valuable feedback from leading clinicians and researchers in the hypnosis field, both in group and one on one discussions.  Poster presenters gain experience in the poster format and have an opportunity to expand professional relationships.

The Poster Session takes place on Saturday evening, prior to our SCEH Annual Awards Banquet.  Poster authors are expected to stand by their poster and be prepared to answer questions about its content. Accepted poster presenters will be also invited to give a mini oral presentation (2-5 minute) about their work during a "Poster Blitz Session" included in the Scientific Program Agenda, normally on Saturday afternoon.

Click on the button below to submit your proposal.

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Registration and Presenter Fees

Registration fees allow presenters to take additional workshops, attend the Scientific Program and receive continuing education credits in accordance with their professional board. The fees also help the Society to cover necessary conference expenses.  We view the presentation of workshops and papers at SCEH as both a service and an honor. Presenters must pay to attend the conference, even if they attend no sessions other than their ownSee Special Student Member Incentives below.

Workshop and Scientific Program Presenters

All Workshop and Scientific Program presenters are eligible for a reduced Presenter registration fee.

Student Presenters and Poster Authors

Student members of SCEH who present a Research Presentation or who have had their Poster accepted for the Scientific Program will have their registration fees waived. 

SCEH Student Scholarships

IMPORTANT NOTE: SCEH will offer a limited number of competitive scholarships to this year's annual conference.

If you are a student and wish to apply for a Scholarship, you need to submit your complete Scientific Program Research Presentation proposal BEFORE you complete the scholarship application.

Eligibility:  Full-time students who are enrolled in Masters or doctoral programs in: psychology; counseling; marriage and family therapy; medicine; dentistry or nursing, as well as interns at qualified medical and psychological training institutions, are eligible to apply.  Priority is given to those who are first authors of a paper accepted for the Scientific Program who will present that paper at the meeting.

Scholarship details: The scholarship provides a waiver of registration fees. 

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71st Annual Workshops and Scientific Program

Hypnosis to Enhance and Augment Treatment Outcomes

October 14-18, 2020

Moving online for 2020!


Introductory, Skills and Advanced Workshops plus Scientific Program.
Workshops meet accepted Standards of Training in Clinical Hypnosis and count toward SCEH Hypnosis Certification Programs.

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