SCEH Committees 2017-2020

    Last update: June 24, 2020

Awards and Fellowships*

Chair: Gary Elkins, PhD, ABPP, ABPH

Members: David Reid, PsyD, Devin Terhune, PhD



Chair: Zoltan Kekecs. PhD

Vice-Chair: Donald Moss, PhD


Credentials and Membership*

Chair: Zoltan Kekecs, PhD

Member: Flavio Epstein, PhD


Constitution and Bylaws*

Chair: Janna A. Henning, JD, PsyD, FT

Member: Arreed Barabasz, PhD


Ethics and Professional Attitudes*

Chair: Philip Shenefelt, MD



Chair: David Reid, PsyD

Vice Chair: Roger Carlson, PhD



Chair: Don Moss, PhD

     CME Working Group

      Donald Moss, PhD
      Barbara McCann, PhD
      Habib Sadeghi, DO


Student Trainee Affairs and Scholarships

Chair: Ciara Christensen, PhD

Vice Chair:  Janna A. Henning, JD, PsyD, FT

Member: Barbara S. McCann, PhD


Legislation, Law and Public Relations*

Chair: Moshe Torem, MD



Interim Chair: Stephen Kahn, PhD

Members: Madeline V. Stein, Maureen F. Turner,MEd, RNBC, LCMHC, LCSW


Nominations and Elections*

Chair: Don Moss, PhD, Immediate Past-President


Chair: Eric Willmarth, PhD



Chair: David Patterson, PhD

Vice-Chair: Zoltan Kekecs, PhD


 * constitutes Standing Committee          


Liaisons with other Societies

Chair: Eric Spiegel, PhD

Vice Chair: Mark Jensen, PhD

  • ISH Liaison: Don Moss, PhD and Gary Elkins, PhD
  • ASCH Liaison: Eric Spiegel, PhD
  • APA Division 30 Liaison: Eric Willmarth, PhD
  • AMA/Physicans Liaison: Laurie Lippman, MD
  • Osteopathic Liaison: Habib Sadeghi, DO
  • Social Work Board Liaison: Timothy Storlie, PhD, MSW
  • Nurse Liaison: Linda Thomson, PhD, MsN


Focus Newsletter Editorial Team

  • Sam Stork - Editor
  • Flavio Epstein, PhD - Editor

2017-2019 SCEH Inclusiveness Director -  Janna Henning, JD, PsyD


2020 Conference Committee

71st Annual Workshops & Scientific Program
Hypnosis to Enhance and Augment Treatment Outcomes
October 14-18, 2020
Moving online for 2020!


 Overall Meeting Chairs:   Ciara Christensen, PhD and David Reid, PsyD

  • Introductory Workshop Co-Chairs:  Barbara McCann, PhD and Tova Fuller, MD, PhD

  • Skills Workshops Co-Chairs:  Alexandra Chadderdon, PsyD and Deanna Denman, PhD

  • Advanced Workshops Co-Chairs:  Ciara Christensen, PhD and Catherine McCall, MD

  • Scientific Program Co-Chairs:  Barbara S. McCann, PhD and Vivek Datta, MD, MPH
  • Members:  Janna A. Henning, JD, PsyD, FT, Zoltan Kekecs, PhD, Shelagh Freedman, MA, Anne Doherty Johnson, Executive Director