SCEH Awards

Each year at the Annual Awards Banquet, SCEH recognizes leaders in the field of hypnosis.  The Awards include:


  1. The Henry Guze Award – for the best research paper on hypnosis (since 1970)
  2. The Roy M. Dorcus Award – for the best paper in clinical hypnosis (since 1971)
  3. The Bernard Raginski Award – for leadership in the field of clinical hypnosis (Since 1960)
  4. The Shirley Schneck Award – to a physician who has made significant contributions to the development of medical hypnosis
  5. The Arthur Shapiro Award – for the best book on hypnosis (since 1970)
  6. The Crasilneck Award – for the best first paper presented by a graduate student or young scientist at a SCEH meeting
  7. The Hilgard Award  - for the best theoretical paper on hypnosis
  8. The Erika Fromm Award   - for excellence in teaching (established 1999)
  9. The Presidential Award – for outstanding contributions to scientific and professional hypnosis and for outstanding work on behalf of the Society
2012 Award Recipients
  • Henry Guze Award
    • Galea, V.G; Woody, E.Z; Szechtman, W.H. & {ierrynowski, M.R. for their paper "Motion in reposnse to the hypnotic suggestion of arm rigidity: A window on underlying mechanisms' IJCEH, 58, 251-268.
  • Roy M. Dorcus Award

    • Guy H. Montgomery, PhD & Julie B. Schnur, PhD– for their paper "The impact of suggestibility in clinical care settings" IJCEH, 59, 3 294-309.
  • Bernard B. Raginski Award

    • Elvira Lang, MD
  • Shirley Schneck Award

    • Camillo Loriedo, MD, University of Rome School of Medicine
  • Arthur Shapiro Award for the book  Mindfulness and Hypnosis: The Power of Suggestion to Transform Experience

    • Michael Yapko, PhD
  • Crasilneck Award

    • Not presented 2012
  • Hilgard Award 

    • Not presented for 2012
  • Erika Fromm Award

    • Elgan Baker, PhD
  • Presidential Awards

    • Jacques Gouws, PhD
    • Judy Coldoff, PhD