SCEH Awards

Each year at the Annual Awards Banquet, SCEH recognizes leaders in the field of hypnosis.  The Awards include:


  1. The Henry Guze Award – for the best research paper on hypnosis (since 1970)
  2. The Roy M. Dorcus Award – for the best paper in clinical hypnosis (since 1971)
  3. The Bernard Raginski Award – for leadership in the field of clinical hypnosis (Since 1960)
  4. The Shirley Schneck Award – to a physician who has made significant contributions to the development of medical hypnosis
  5. The Arthur Shapiro Award – for the best book on hypnosis (since 1970)
  6. The Crasilneck Award – for the best first paper presented by a graduate student or young scientist at a SCEH meeting
  7. The Hilgard Award  - for the best theoretical paper on hypnosis
  8. The Erika Fromm Award   - for excellence in teaching (established 1999)
  9. The Presidential Award – for outstanding contributions to scientific and professional hypnosis and for outstanding work on behalf of the Society
2015 Award Recipients
The Henry Guze Award
Yann Cojan, Camille Piquet, & Patrik Vuilleumier for their paper "What makes your brain suggestible? Hypnotizability is associated with differential brain activity during attention outside hypnosis" (2015). NeuroImage, 117 , 367-374.

The Roy M. Dorcus Award
Gwenyth Wallen, Kimberly Middleton, Nancy Ames, Alyssa Brooks, & Daniel Handel for their paper "Randomized trial of hypnosis as a pain and symptom management strategy in adults with sickle cell disease" (2014).  Integrative Medicine Insights, 9, 25-33.

The Hilgard Award
William Jonathan McGeown, Giuliana Mazzoni, Manila Vannucci, & Annalena Vanneri for their paper "Structural and functional correlates of hypnotic depth and suggestibility" (2015). Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging, 231 (2), 151-159.

The Arthur Shapiro Award
Laurence Sugarman and William Wester II (Eds.) for the book “Therapeutic Hypnosis with Children and Adolescents”  (2014) Crown House Publishing Limited. Norwalk, CT.

The Bernard Raginski Award
Gary Elkins, PhD, ABPP, ABPH

The Shirley Schneck Award
Marie-Elisabeth Faymonville

The Erika Fromm Award
Jean-Roch Laurence, PhD

The Crasilneck Award
Zoltan Kekecs, PhD
Mathieu Landry
Katalin Varga

Presidential Awards
Dabney Ewin, MD
Shelagh Freedman
Scott Hoye, PsyD
Laurie Lipman, MD
Michael Nash, PhD
David Wark, PhD