SCEH ACE Certified Clinicians


The Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis has initiated a certification program to recognize committed practitioners and scientists who are members of the Society and who are willing to commit themselves to an individualized program designed to improve their own knowledge and skill in hypnosis and to help expand the field and teach their colleagues.

SCEH ACE Certified Clinicians to date are:

Arreed Barabasz, PhD

Roger Carlson, PhD

Ciara Christensen, PhD

Katherine DuHamel, PhD

Carol Ginandes, PhD

Marcia Greenleaf, PhD

Richard Kluft, MD, PhD

Kathy Kravits, MA

Elvira Lang, MD

John C. Mohl, MA, MEd

Guy Montgomery, PhD

Donald Moss, PhD

Karen Olness, MD

Stephen Pauker, MD

Mary Josephine Peebles, PhD

Ronald Pekala, PhD

Tammy Pitt (Trainee)

Patricia Powell-Mockler, PhD

Philip Shenefelt, MD

David P. Smith, PhD

Marilee Snyder, DCSW,

Sharon Spiegel, PhD, ABPP

Erica Stanton

Eric Willmarth, PhD

Michael J. Yonkovig, PhD